Monday, November 12, 2012


Meet our new dog...Bailey. She is a full bred German Shepherd, born September 4th,2012,  so that makes her 10 weeks old right now. Having a puppy is so much work! But she is so fun to have around. Watching her attempt going down the stairs is so funny! Just yesterday we went to go see the parents and I have never seen her so excited. The mom was so gentle with her, and the dad could care less. Go figure. They live just around the corner from us, so we will see them often so they can play together. We are training her every day, hoping she will outshine all other dogs. And since she takes up all of our free time, we will have more fun pictures to come. 

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  1. Beautiful dog! And so smart for being so young! I don't know anything about dogs - I grew up with cats - but I like dogs, and might have one some day...